Orlando METAL Awards 2001

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May 18, 2001 — May 25, 2001
Fairbanks Inn (aka the F.B.I.)
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The Orlando METAL Awards began as a hair-brained conversation between friends about what could be done to give the Orlando METAL scene a kick in the pants. Loosely based on the original "Tampa Bay Metal Awards" (during the 90’s), and another attempted awards show called the "Central Florida Music Awards".

The idea was to create something that the fans had never experienced before. The concept was born to attempt breaking through the "politics" and "cliques" (that seemingly existed at the time) with a concert for the people, by the people. METAL bands in Orlando had a very limited selection of places to perform and METAL was frowned upon as and “undesirable” crowd by most venues. Thus, the concept of bringing all forms of METAL together during one show in support of one another showcasing our strength in numbers was the initial goal.

Unfortunately, no one had any idea what kind they were getting themselves into or what kind of long lasting effects one simple little concert would have on the Orlando METAL scene. Therefore, not much thought was given to documenting the first OMA, with very little evidence to show. Anyone who might have photos, please contact FLmetal and share what you have.

The Award Winners

  • Pain Principle

    2001 OMA — METAL Band & CD Release of the Year

  • Lunatic Candy Kreep

    2001 OMA — Best METAL Performance

  • Mandaddy — Gargamel!

    2001 OMA — Best METAL Vocalist

  • Rick Renstrom — Rob Rock

    2001 OMA — Best METAL Guitarist

  • Twyst — bLoc

    2001 OMA — Best METAL Bassist

  • Chris Brown — Deform Nation

    2001 OMA — Best METAL Drummer

The Performing Artists

May 18th, 2001

  • Pain Principle

    Orlando, FL

  • Rob Rock

    Orlando, FL

  • Grumpy*

    Orlando, FL

  • DefromNation

    Orlando, FL

  • bLoc

    Orlando, FL

  • Diabolic Intent

    Merritt Island, FL

May 25th, 2001

  • Lunatic Candy Kreep

    Kissimmee, FL

  • Ulcer

    Fort Meyers, FL

  • Double Veteran

    Lakeland, FL

  • Mortem A.D.

    Leesburg, FL

  • Buny

    Clermont, FL

  • O.F. Beatdown

    Windermere, FL

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