Orlando METAL Awards 2002

image of the orlando metal awards 2002 flier poster

5.17.02 — 5.24.02
Fairbanks Inn (aka the F.B.I.)
Courtesy of © Killer Camera

With the incredible success of the first OMA show, plans began shortly thereafter to bring together the bands and the fans for yet another installment of this unforeseen Orlando METAL event. At this time in Orlando METAL history, the barriers were being knocked down, band and fans support for one another were making a dramatic and noticeable impact on local clubs and events. This time around, the fans had an even bigger impact on the winners of each award by voting online, as well as band support promoting the OMA like no other show before it. Both nights were simply two of the best nights ever in Orlando METAL history, as those who were there would attest.

Relive the experience below!

The Award Winners

  • Lunatic Candy Kreep

    2002 OMA — METAL Band of the Year

  • Noir

    2002 OMA — Best METAL Performance

  • Rob Rock

    2002 OMA — Best METAL Vocalist

  • Matt Heafy — Trivium

    2002 OMA — Best METAL Guitarist

  • Roach — Grumpy*

    2002 OMA — Best METAL Bassist

  • Mike Mazzonetto — Pain Principle

    2002 OMA — Best METAL Drummer

The Performing Artists

May 17th, 2002

  • Pain Principle

    Orlando, FL

  • O.F. Beatdown

    Windermere, FL

  • Grumpy*

    Orlando, FL

  • Noir

    Orlando, FL

  • The Ox Project

    Apopka, FL

  • Mindscar

    Orlando, FL

May 24th, 2002

  • Lunatic Candy Kreep

    Orlando, FL

  • bLoc

    Orlando, FL

  • Mortem A.D.

    Leesburg, FL

  • Gargamel!

    Orlando, FL

  • Iron Cross

    Orlando, FL

  • Trivium

    Orlando, FL

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