AMON resurrected

image of amon liar in waitBefore legendary Florida Death Metal band DEICIDE made their debut on RoadRunner Records, the band was known as AMON. Founding members Eric and Brian Hoffman (who parted ways with DEICIDE in 2004) recently resurrected the band entering RedRoom Recorders in Tampa in December 2010 to begin work on the band’s forthcoming debut album. Entitled “Liar In Wait” it has been reported that all the guitar and bass tracks have been completed with the vocal tracks beginning to be laid this weekend.

Describing the band’s musical direction, guitarist Eric Hoffman says “[The music is] a little bit more technical than the DEICIDE stuff, it’s not too intricate, so it’s still catchy at the same time. You’ll still have a couple of classic DEICIDE beginnings, and then it’ll go into some killer technical, in-your-face shit.” Eric continues “This is our band, I haven’t seen [Glen] in six years. He says if he sees me, he’s gonna shoot me and ask questions later. He hates me more than Jesus.”

To read the full story as reported by Blabbermouth CLICK HERE.

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