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link to orlando metal awards interview on orlando bands dot comMany thanks to Liz M. and for posting an interview with Orlando METAL Awards and founder Matt Wagner.

The interview explores the origin and plans for the upcoming 2011 installment of the Orlando METAL Awards to be held in December of this year. The following are a few excerpts. CLICK HERE to read the entire interview.

Who will judge the awards?
The Orlando METAL scene belongs to the PEOPLE, therefore, the bands and the fans who eat, breathe and live for our METAL scene will collectively chose the winners. The concept of including everyone together with an equal voice to determining the winners is a primary focus throughout the judging process as it evolves. Inevitably, not everyone can win an award, and thinking of the Orlando METAL Awards as a competition to be judged is in some ways counter-productive to the concept of trying to knock down barriers and create a more unified METAL scene.

Do you see the Orlando Music Awards uniting the METAL community? How?
It’s fairly unrealistic to believe any community, regardless of origin, could ever be unquestionably unified. After all, it is our differences that make us unique as individuals and as musicians. Despite our most sincere efforts to break down political boundaries, perceptions of cliques and favoritism, there will always be nay-sayers quick to criticize our efforts. Metalheads are typically cynical, pessimistic creatures who live to voice their opinions when something “sucks”. It’s that kind of passion that also makes Metalheads loyal and dedicated supporters when they believe something doesn’t suck. If the Orlando METAL Awards can turn even a small fraction of negative energy into positive for the local METAL scene the the OMA has achieved the goals of supporting, promoting and perhaps further unifying our METAL scene.

link to orlando metal awards interview on orlando bands dot com

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