Road to the Orlando METAL Awards 2011 launch

Ten-years after the original Orlando METAL Awards held in 2001 at the legendary Fairbanks Inn, and after a hiatus of nearly seven years since 2003’s OMA at the Lost & Found; the Orlando METAL Awards makes its triumphant return! The awards ceremony scheduled to be held in December will follow a monthly series of local Florida METAL showcases held at the Haven Lounge, featuring the state’s most talented METAL bands. Friday, March 11th will be the official launch party with headliners, Florida Death Metal legends: MALEVOLENT CREATION.

The purpose of bringing back the Orlando METAL Awards is to attempt to stimulate the local music scene as well as bring bands, musicians and fans closer together with a stronger sense of community and support. All bands are encouraged to participate by attending these shows, trading demos, networking and most importantly… have fun! After all, we’re all in this music scene together, regardless of genre or stereotype. Only together can we make our scene grow, and now is the time!

Those who are interested in learning more, please join us within the FORUM for more information. CLICK ON THE FLIER !!!

link to orlando metal awards information

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