SLEDGEGRINDER sign to Dark Harvest Records

Clearwater’s Thrash / Death Metal band SLEDGEGRINDER sign with Dark Harvest Records for a forthcoming release scheduled for the winter of this year. Described as epic, brutal, loud, fast and melodic, the band formed in 2009 has quickly gained notoriety sharing the stage with several formidable acts during their young career.

Dark Harvest founder and CEO Dan Paris commented &ldqup;I watched this band develop and grow and saw how much they have accomplished on their own and in such a short period of time. There’s just nasty raw metal here! And all the pro-tooled crap in metal now just makes bands like this one so much more impressionable to the ears. I love bands who sound like metal should sound, nasty and raw, these guys have it!”

SLEDGEGRINDER guitarist Brad Balsama commented: &ldqup;There is a lot of pride that comes with being on a label like Dark Harvest Records and we couldn’t be more excited. Sledgegrinder is running full speed and nothing can slow us down. We want to express our thanks to the label, the fans, and everyone that has supported us in what we love doing. Dark Harvest has brought us to a new level, and this is the beginning of Chapter 2 for Sledgegrinder…GET READY!!!!&rdqup;

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