Florida Metal News March 2009

SEVEN KINGDOMS entering the studio

Orlando power metal-lers SEVEN KINGDOMS are making plans to enter Tampa's legendary Morrisound Studios in late July to record their sophomore album. The album will debut the band's new singer Sabrina Valentine and is scheduled to include guest appearances by Wade Black (Crimson Glory, Leatherwolf) and Glen Alvelais (Forbidden, Testament).

Guitarist Camden Cruz comments "We can't wait for you guys to hear the new stuff. The new album has a more focused SEVEN KINGDOMS sound this time around. I know some of you guys are worried that we will be going softer since we have a chick singer, but let me assure you there will be plenty of epic triumphant-ness on this one as well."

The band plans to hit the road in September / October for a small Southeast tour as well as a full East Coast Trek in the future. For more, visit the band's MySpace.


Planning has begun for the first ever IRON MAIDEN ALL-STAR JAM to take place at the Haven in Winter Park, FL Friday, May 29th!!! We encourage all musicians who live in the Central Florida area to visit the FORUM to sign up to perform your favorite Iron Maiden songs! Space and time is limited, so you'd better hurry if you're planning on participating.

OBITUARY planning FL Death Metal Tour

Tampa's legendary Death Metal pioneers OBITUARY recently completed work on the the band's 10th album set for release via Candelight Records sometime in late May / early June. Vocalist John Tardy states, "It came out really sick and I cannot wait for you guys to hear it... it is heavy!"

In support of the new record, guitarist Trevor Peres tells METAL HAMMER that an all Floridan Death Metal package tour is currently being planned for the United States late in the year, with a possibility of going worldwide. Peres reveals, "We've been talking about putting a death metal package together with OBITUARY, MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE and SIX FEET UNDER". ""Nothing's happened yet," he continued. "But we've been talking about trying to do that. It would be a States thing at first but we could go globally, do a Florida death metal tour in Asia, Europe... anywhere that's interested."

That's certainly one tour we truly DIE to see!

TRIVIUM announces headlining dates down under

As reported by BLABBERMOUTH, Orlando's own TRIVIUM are teaming up with fellow Floridians BLACK TIDE and HEAVEN SHALL BURN for a headlining Australian tour in May. Congratulations to our METAL brothers and we wish them continued success!

Since it's late September release, TRIVIUM's latest album "Shogun" has sold approximately 70,000 units in the United States.

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