Florida Metal News May 2009

IRON MAIDEN photos emerging online

In what will surely go down in history as one of the greatest local shows of all time, the first ever IRON MAIDEN ALL-STAR JAM exceeded all expectations, and was a huge success! It was amazing having nearly 50 of Florida's best METAL musicians come together to jam on their favorite IRON MAIDEN CLASSICS.

Photos are now emerging on the FLmetal.com FACEBOOK PAGE. METAL HAILS to everyone who has contributed photos so far, and a huge THANK YOU to everyone who made this show one of the best nights ever!

MASSACRE page taken off-line?

Just one day after announcing that MASSACRE have once again re-formed and posted a new track on the bands new band's MySpace page, the song and the page was taken down? It seems that original drummer Bill Andrews and bassist Terry Butler took offense to KAM LEE continuing on under the MASSACRE name without them.

An excerpt from the band's MySpace page "recent rash decision was made in haste by Kam to finally quit the band, break all ties with it and it's former members, and left to ROT."

As an icon of Florida's old-school Death Metal scene, we can only hope that all parties can reconcile, and perhaps reform with the original members! Good luck in your future endeavors guys.

MASSACRE post new song online

Resurrected death-metal pioneers MASSACRE have sort-of reformed and are working on a forthcoming EP titled "Legends of Death" which will feature four reworked versions of classic MASSACRE songs re-recorded and "brought up to date" according to vocalist Kam Lee. Joining Kam is studio musician (BONE GNAWER, HATE AMMO, RIBSPREADER).

A new version of the song "Clangor of War" is available on the band's MySpace page.

"Musically this song was the first track Rick Rozz [guitar] wrote when he first joined MASSACRE, and it originally appeared on the bands demo #2. Many years later, the band NAPALM DEATH ended up doing a cover of this track for their 'Leaders Not Follows Part 2' album. And I should mention — a lot of fans still today ask me what the word 'clangor' means. Clangor is a word that means the sounds of metal clanging and clashing together. Like metal armor hitting together, or like swords clashing together in battle."

TRANQUILIZER no singer after all

Sorry to learn that the recent addition of new singer EL JEFE isn't going to work out for Orlando's southern rock/metal crusaders TRANQUILIZER. Our personal opinion is that this band is one of Central Florida's best, so if you're interested in singing for an awesome band, then hit them up for an audition.

Reunited SOLSTICE posts new song

South Florida's reunited SOLSTICE have posted another new song entitled "BLACK" on the band's MYSPACE PAGE. The song is scheduled for release later this year on the band's forthcoming album "TO DUST". Reportedly, the band plans on releasing the album through an online retailer until a label can be found to pick up the release.

Formed in 1990, the band recorded a demo and a full length album, but due to internal struggles, and members defecting to other bands (MALEVOLENT CREATION), they never got the project out of South Florida. We wish them all the best in this new adventure.


FLmetal would like to THANK the people at BLABBERMOUTH for posting an article about the upcoming IRON MAIDEN ALL-STAR JAM to be held Friday, May 29th at the HAVEN in Winter Park, FL. CLICK HERE to view the article, and post your comments!

So far this event is shaping up nicely and will include nearly 100 musicians in various configurations performing many of their favorite IRON MAIDEN classics. CLICK HERE to view the forum posts!

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