Fear Factory: On the road with Jägermeister

image of fear factory backstageThis interview was conducted in-person by Mattdaddy beneath the Hard Rock Live in Orlando during the first day of the Jägermeister Music Tour 2004 with Slipknot, Chimaira, and Full Blown Chaos. This interview also appeared within the pages of Connections Mag. Special thanks to Fear Factory for taking time to speak with us as well as Dave Himes of Connections Mag for arranging this interview!

Quick 10 questions:

Matt: What is your favorite Beer?
Fear Factory (in unison): Tecate
MW: What band would you most like to share the stage with and haven’t?
Raymond: U2
Christian: The Police
MW: What is your favorite Movie or Novel?
Raymond: The Matrix
Christian: Highlander
Burton: Raising Arizona

MW: What, if any, video games are you into right now?
Raymond: Gotham 2, Halo
MW: Iron Maiden or Judas Priest?

FF in unison: Iron Maiden!

MW: What up & coming bands would you recommend checking out?
Raymond: Panzer Christian
Burton: The Heavils
MW: What is in your CD player these days?
Christian: Panzer Christian
MW: What was your first concert?
Burton: Air Supply (you can’t make that up!)
MW: What was your first instrument, and what age were you?
Raymond: 13 & my penis
Burton: Percussion: 14
MW: What is your personal favorite song from the band?
Burton: Slave Labor
Raymond: Zero Signal

The Interview

MW: With several Jägermeister dates already SOLD OUT, what are your expectations for this upcoming tour?
Burton: This tour is going to be sick! With Chimaira and Slipknot its going to be unbelievable!
MW: How much Jägermeister does the band actually consume?
Burton: When it’s for Free! A lot of it!
Christian: When Jägermeister is on the tour nobody gets sick, the flu or congested!
MW: What’s next for the band following the Jägermeister tour?
Raymond: Right after the Jägermeister tour we’re doing a West Coast run filling in a lot of the dates that the Jägermeister tour isn’t doing. Then we’ll have a couple weeks of before we head to Europe.
Christian: We’re going to be doing a bunch of festivals, so that’s really cool.
MW: Discuss the new album as compared to your previous releases?
Burton: This one’s new! It’s what FF has always been about, thus the title, it’s very archetypical, like where FF comes from, and the niche we’ve made in the music world. With Raymond’s percussive nature and the riffs that follow the beats, and all the keyboards and vocals that we’ve put in. It’s all archetypical, just classic FF with a more mature outlook.
MW: Take us through the behind the scenes stuff during the recording process.
Raymond: We had a lot more time.
Burton: I had the opportunity to sit down with a song, a song that was done as an arrangement, then I was able to just listen to it, absorb it and become familiar with it. I was actually able to write a song on top of that.
Raymond: Burton and Christian really worked close with the songs like that.
Burton: The guys really worked on the songs together, it was a really relaxed atmosphere.
Raymond: Me and Christian would put together a blueprint of the song, and then give it to Burton, and he would do his thing, and then he would fix stuff, and it would go back and forth until we were happy with it.
MW: Can you describe the pressure the band had to certainly be under when putting together all the pieces for the new record?
Burton: There really wasn’t any pressure; most of the songs were written before we were on the label. There was really no time restraint. If there was any pressure it was other shit, like legal issues with the changes we were going through, other than that, there really wasn’t any pressure, it was completely stream of consciousness.
MW: How has the song writing as a band evolved over the years?
Raymond: We’ve been doing this for a long time, and it evolved in the sense that we’ve gotten older and smarter and have become better songwriters.
Burton: In comparison, the guys weren’t in a rehearsal room blasting away, they were writing songs on a drum machine, writing beats, and they were able to sequence the.
Raymond: We were at Christian’s studio and I would be on the MPC (drum mach), and I’d just write these beats that I couldn’t even play, I was going out of the boundaries of what I could do because I wasn’t on a drum kit. Then I’d give it to Christian and he would just write these sick riffs, which was cool because it pushed me to do things I wasn’t even able to do, and it pushed me to a different level. This record is definitely more brutal.
MW: What things do you think keep the band fresh, hungry and motivated to improve individually and as a unit?
Raymond: Trying to better ourselves as musicians, and be better than our previous albums.
Christian: We haven’t sold a million records yet.
MW: What goals have the band set for themselves?
Burton: Survive the tour!
Raymond: We want to put out sick record together
Christian: We just want to rock!
MW: Do you, or the band have any Pre-show rituals that you individually or collectively go through before hitting the stage?
Raymond: like to warm up a little, loosen up the body
Burton: Stretch out… We have to paint the whole dressing room red, light some candles, and pray to the heavy metal gods!
MW: you pRaymond to Rob Halford then?
Raymond: Exactly!
Christian: Raymond will start cutting of chicken’s heads!
Burton: Santa Ria
MW: What is it REALLY like for the band on the road? Wild all night stripper parties, or a lot of heavy snoring and dirty sock smells?
Raymond: Ask me in a week!
Burton: All of the above
Christian: No, we all read a book after the show
Burton: you gotta pace yourselves, and sometimes we’ll have some drinks, but it’s not full on every night, that might change with Jägermeister.
MW: What is it like when you’re off tour? Are you itching to get back on the road?
Raymond: Uhhh…No!
Burton: We try to keep busy, touring is part of the business, and that’s what we do. We miss not doing shows when we’re not on tour, but I’d rather just play a show than tour.
MW: Take us through the few weeks preparing yourself for the next big road trip.
Raymond: We did a week of rehearsals about 5 or 6 rehearsals.
MW: What do you miss the most while out on the road?
Raymond: My bed
Christian: Fucking!
MW: Any final words for the fans?
Raymond: Albums out April 20th, packed with a DVD which is going to be very cool.
Christian: Go buy it! Don’t be cheap fuckers, support the metal scene, it the price of fries and a big mac, cummon!
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