Florida Metal News August 2008

Introducing FLmetal.com!!!

First of all, METAL HAILZ to our friends at MetalHordes.com for hosting the Orlando Metal Awards message board absolutely free for the past 5 years! Emile and his staff have been staunch supporters of not only the worldwide metal scene, but have been one the greatest supporters of the central florida metal scene as well. We couldn't have done it without you guys!

NEXT, I would like to thank my friend and boss-man Phil Palmieri at www.page12.com for helping me restore everything so nothing was lost! Thanks Phil!

Although it took a bit longer than expected to restore the database, it gave us a chance to steer the METAL scene in a NEW DIRECTION - one that we've always wanted to make happen. That would be introducing the all new FLmetal.com !!! We hope to take work we've done with the Orlando METAL Awards and expand our efforts to benefit ALL FLORIDA METAL BANDS in all the different cities across the state! It's no doubt that Florida has the best METAL scene on the planet, and we hope to help spread the word, and bring together EVERYONE across the state to create one giant family of metalheads in a community that supports one another without politics, cliques, genres or any other divisions that may exist. We're all in this together folks, so we hope you will join us in our efforts and spread the word about this new online FLORIDA METAL COMMUNITY!!!

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